Exercise Programs

Be it training to build on your current sports performance, preparation for an event, injury recovery, or simply getting a better understanding of how to use the gym to get fitter!
During the initial consultation, Will will get an idea about your what you might need as part of a programme – this is a 2-way process as you’ll need to build trust in each other to reach your goals.
Next, we’ll do a fitness test, where Will can get a great picture of where you are now and where the gaps to fill might be; you can see where the magic happens, get to know Wills style as a PT, and we can answer any concerns about niggles, equipment, how training might fit into your schedule etc


We train out of Synergy, a private gym in the heart of Bristol city, fully equipped to provide whatever you need to train.
How often you train will mainly depend on your availability, but as with any training programme, the more you put in the more you get out, so if you train once or twice a week, you’ll have homework between sessions to support your progression. If you regularly do sports or activities as part of your training, these will be incorporated into your plan, and, depending on the intensity of your regular practice, antagonistic training and recovery will be built in to help get the most out of your whole training schedule


Your tailored plan will depend on your goal and your availability, this could be either a short or longer term programme based on your goals, current fitness, and your current practice, which will be re-evaluated regularly to check progress and make sure you are heading in the right direction (or maybe to update the goal due to all the progress you’ve made)

Following your fitness test, Wills applies his expertise to develop your plan using a combination of tools from sports, yoga and callisthenics, all will be designed to keep you interested and motivated to achieve your goals

Will Dukes

Fitness Coach

Will loves working with people who have a goal in mind, and who have the determination to see it through, he will work with you to push the boundaries, to challenge and support you to achieve what he knows you can do, even if you don’t know you can do it yet

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One on One Coaching

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Our Price Plans

Fitness Test (90 minutes)
One off fee of £50 payable on booking and non-refundable

Rolling Personal Training
This would be a monthly, fixed fee for a number of 1 hour sessions per week (however many you decide) with a months notice to cancel, a single, 1 hour session costs £45 so we assume 4 weeks a month and charges apply as follows:

1 session per week – £180 per month
2 sessions per week – £360 per month
3 sessions per week – £540 per month

12 Month Commitment
If you can commit to a number of sessions per week for 12 months, we can give you our most discounted rate, which you can either pay upfront or in monthly instalments, take 10% off the prices above

6 Month Commitment
For a 6 month session per week commitment, we offer a 7.5% discount on our full fees, which you can either pay upfront or in monthly instalments

3 Month Commitment
If you have a short term goal then this programme will be for you, with a 5% discount on our full fee to be paid upfront, we’ll help you hit that target

Other Options
If none of the above work for your circumstances then we’ll have a chat about how we can work with you to best meet your needs, potentially through a combination of face to face and online sessions, just give us a call to discuss and we’ll go from there

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Contact us if you would like some more information about Acroyoga and the classes.

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