Acroyoga is a playful and dynamic practice with a fusion of Yoga, Acrobatics and Thai Massage. We play with partner balance, conditioning, inversions and stretching

About Our Studio

SuperYogi blends the exciting beauty of acrobatics with the peaceful connection of yoga. Together two (or more) people interact through positions of balance and grace. This practice can be more therapeutic and massage oriented or more acrobatic and performing arts oriented. Pictures drastically take these mere words into comprehension, but actually flying in one of these positions is the only way to fully understand what an amazing and addictive practice this is.

As a personal trainer, calisthenics enthusiast and AcroYoga International instructor, Will is fuelled by a passion for holistic fitness. Beginning his teaching career almost a decade ago in outdoor education he uses this broad training to infuse all his classes with fun and electrifying enthusiasm. Will is a very experienced teacher, inviting students to safely step outside of their comfort zones to achieve the goals of their dreams.

Why Take a Class?

The practice of Yoga develops the body to the level of mental mobility so that both the body and mind become mobile.

Improving Health
Health is given to man from birth, but unfortunately, modern man forgets that the stock of his health is finite and continues to behave as if he is eternal.

Getting Rid of Stress
Yoga is today one of the best remedies for neuropsychiatric disorders and helps you believe in yourself.

How We Help You
Amazing things happen when one steps outside the box, and there is no coincidence that a yoga mat is rectangular. Don’t confine yourself to the soft routine of this non-slip comfort zone. AcroYoga creates a tangible sense of tribe and celebration which is hard to find anywhere else.

Some Fun With Will

Classes of All Levels

Will currently hosts his regular classes virtually, with a focus on core strength, balance, and skills to support your acro practice. Personal sessions can be arranged as individuals or with your bubbles with all safety precautions in place. From beginners to advanced, Acroyoga is for anyone wanting to experience a playful and dynamic training session

Acroyoga Beginners

It is a Beginners class and no experience or partner required, you’ll start with some fun warm-ups to get you moving, then take a look at the foundations of teamwork and spotting, before moving on to some flying practice. This class is a great introduction for those who have never tried (or heard of!) acro, or for those who want to solidify the basics to help develop their practice.

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Acroyoga Intermediate

Not suitable for beginners. This class is designed for those already with an active practice in either Acro, Acroyoga or have competent body awareness. This is skills-based exercises for integration and orientation, the session will then lead on to Interesting washing machines, flows and sequences with the intention that you practice them in your own time between sessions.

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Acroyoga Advanced

Designed to build strength, flexibility and fitness for the more advanced. It is a strong, intense and physically challenging workout with accessible postures that challenge the body in 360 degrees of movement. It’s a great addition to any fitness routine. Participants will use and develop strength, stamina and flexibility increasing mobility from the very first class. This is a real kick up the assana!

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Lunchtime Virtual Fitness Yoga

Keep moving through your day and join our virtual lunchtime fitness yoga session that includes a mixture of mobility, movement, strength and core work.

Just what you need to keep the stress levels down, increase your energy and promote overall wellbeing. Fun, focussed and tough!

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Sharing Experiences


Gus H.

“Fun, challenging and a ****** good work out.”

Mark N.

“The teacher is fantastic! Friendly, inspiring and encouraging. Great class!”

Issy D.

“Really fun but challenging class. Will clearly knows his stuff and encourages everyone to work at the right level for them. Lovely sociable group :)”

Rebecca G.

“Friendly atmosphere and fun moves”

Luke M.

“Not your average exercise class. Mentally and physically challenging, and members go for coffee afterwards.”

Issy D.

“Fun, challenging, welcoming class”

Emma W.

“Super fun, playful, challenging, good class community vibes. everyone knows each other and there’s no space for judgemental attitudes. Thanks, Will!”

Expert Instructor

WILL Dukes

WILL Dukes


Personal Trainer, Yoga, Broga, and Acroyoga qualified instructor.

Will has always been curious about people, movement, and motivations, he is always looking for new ideas and techniques from any source he can verify, which he then easily incorporates into his practice to promote progression. Generally he’ll start by testing them on himself before bringing them into the gym – and as a client you’ll soon get to know the grin that greets you when he’s found something new for you to try! Whether your target is fitness, strength, mobility, flexibility, or endurance, he’ll form a plan and you’ll never quite know what is in store when you arrive at the gym (ever tried doing pistol squats on a balance board whilst juggling?)

After spending a few years as an outdoors activity instructor working with groups of children and adults, Will decided to formalise his physiology and movement geekiness, qualifying as a personal trainer and then adding Yoga, Broga, and Acro-Yoga to his teaching portfolio. His qualifications helped build his knowledge and understanding of movement, enabling him to develop a wide range of options to keep anyone engaged and motivated through training towards their goals. As part of his own training, he is always looking for different ways of working and is constantly bringing new techniques or toys to his sessions.

In the gym, Will is all about finding the best way for each client to get the most out of themselves, filling in the gaps in understanding and taking it to step by step so training doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming. He creates tailored programmes based on your unique training goals, embedding practices from a range of sport, yoga, and callisthenics. His depth of physical knowledge, his ability to listen and understand how you operate to find the right level of motivation, along with with his boundless energy and sarcastic humour, makes even the toughest training session fun (no really!)

Over the past few years, Will has worked with a range of individuals of different abilities, he’s taken an ultra runner from the middle of the pack to the top of the podium, helped build bodyweight, strength and confidence to create a GB level rock climber, and worked with windsurfers, politicians, yogis and acrobats to develop targeted fitness and pre-habilitation programmes. Will spends a lot of time working with both beginners and professional acrobatic performers to develop core strength, flexibility, and technical skills, which he does through one on one training, classes, and workshops.

Wills depth of knowledge about physiology means that if you have a tweak or a strain he’ll know what to do with it, whether that means exercising to build strength and support, or whether you really need to work around it and seek medical help. If he isn’t sure how to train that one muscle that you need, he will go and learn everything about it and come up with a way that works for you, you’ll see that excited grin again when he’s found it.

Will loves working with people who have a goal in mind, and who have the determination to see it through, he will work with you to push the boundaries, to challenge and support you to achieve what he knows you can do, even if you don’t know you can do it yet

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5 - 6:30pm


Suitable for all levels and will be socially distanced. You will need to bring your own partner and mat.

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5 - 6:30pm


Individual, socially distanced workout, bring your own mat.

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5 - 6:30pm


Suitable for all levels and will be socially distanced. You will need to bring your own partner and mat.

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9:45 - 10:45am

Fitness Yoga

Individual, socially distanced workoout, bring your own mat.

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